Caitlan Maggs

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I offer dynamic, interactive workshops and conferences that will unlock your creative potential.

Artistic Head Coach at Cirque du Soleil for 22 years, I designed the Creativity Training for all the Cirque du Soleil shows. My role was to teach creativity and to transform athletes into artists.

In my workshops, conferences and books I promote:
Creativity, Communication & Collaboration.

My goal is to ignite your creative spark and initiate innovation.

The Intensive
120-min workshop
The Immersion
3 x 60-minutes workshops over one week
The Flow
60-minutes weekly workshops over six weeks

This conference is inspired by my 20 years working with large production teams at Cirque du Soleil, where we developed a unique creative process to innovate live entertainment. With a behind-the-scenes viewpoint, I share my thoughts and experiences:

  • Transforming athletes into artists

  • Artistic immersion: learning the language of creativity

  • Curiosity and intuition lead to innovation

  • Trusting yourself and your team

  • And many more


"Creative Games connects you with your imagination and creative spirit. I highly recommend this experience. You will love it!"

Silvia Gertrudix, Artistic Director
Cirque du Soleil

"Caitlan Maggs is a magician of FUN"

Gillian Ferrabee, Creative director

"Caitlan, a woman of boundless creative soul, surprised every participant every day with unexpected creative experiments"

Frank Schoeniger, Head Sports Acrobatic
Team Germany

"I jumped on this opportunity to work with international movement & improvisation Creative, Caitlan Maggs. I love this class!"

Laura Burns, Life Coach

"Creative Games is an innovative experience, an enriching journey that unlocks your creativity."

Silvia Gertrudix, Artistic Director
Cirque du Soleil